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The center of the city, the center of Tokyo, the center of Japan

We are aiming for a top-level diabetes outpatient clinic not only in Tokyo but also in Japan.

The location is in the center of Tokyo, the city center. Because it is close to Tokyo Station on the Shinkansen

Examiners come from all over Japan. Recently, the number of overseas examinees has increased remarkably.

We are aiming for a system that receives guidance from a veteran doctor (diabetes specialist) in an outpatient department with a high standard but a short waiting time.

Dr. Suzuki is the director. Dr. Irie (Keio University School of Medicine, Lecturer) and Dr. Emoto (Nippon Medical School, School of Medicine, Professor) are veteran doctors who have outpatient clinics at famous hospitals around the world.

We provide polite, high-level, and speedy medical care. For basic education on diabetes, we ask that you obtain sufficient knowledge of diabetes by reading Dr. Suzuki's book. It is a feature of this clinic that many outpatients find our hospital by searching online and many readers of Dr. Suzuki's books.

There is a famous diabetes center called IDC in the United States. It is a well-known facility that spreads algorithms for diabetics. The director wants to create a better algorithm than their algorithm, create it in Japan, create it at Hanzomon in the center of the city, and if possible, make it the Diabetes Center in Hanzomon. I hope.

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