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For those coming from China

Please be sure to accompany an interpreter.

Precautions for outpatient diabetes

・ Our hospital does not accept only one consultation.

・ Those who take medicine will be asked to come to the hospital one or two weeks later.

First visit

"Clinical hours"

* Please be sure to make a reservation. ☎️ 03-3234-6060

Director Yoshihiko Suzuki [Monday / Wednesday 14: 00-15: 00]

Dr. Naoya Emoto [Monday 10: 00-11: 00]

Dr. Junichiro Irie [Tuesday 9 am-10pm]

Dr. Hanabayashi Tanaka (Tuesday 14: 00-15: 00)

"What to bring"

You can see what kind of medicine you are currently taking. (Medication notebook, memo, actual medicine)

Recent data. (Not necessary if not)

"Notes on the day"

There is a test for blood sampling on an empty stomach, so please avoid breakfast if you make a reservation in the morning and lunch if you make a reservation in the afternoon. (You can drink water.)

If you are using an injection product or are likely to have hypoglycemia, you can have a meal.

"Flow at the first visit"

① At the reception, please fill out the questionnaire.

(2) After seeing a doctor, blood sampling, urine sampling, electrocardiogram, X-ray, ultrasound, neurological examination, etc. may be performed as needed. (It may take two to two and a half hours.)

③ We will explain the results from the doctor and prescribe medicine as needed as far as we can understand on the day.

④ Accounting (Drugs are a basic out-of-hospital prescription. A separate drug fee will be charged at the pharmacy.)


"Charge system"

Based on the medical fee points in Japan (10 yen per point), foreigners who do not have a health insurance card will be free to pay at this hospital.

For those who need an interpreter, we will take more time to receive, examine, and inspect, so that you can understand, we will charge 250% of the total medical score (20 yen per point).

"Fee at the first visit"

If there is no prescription such as injection product, the insurance points will be around 3,000 points. Since it will be 250% (20 yen per point), it will be around 75,000 yen.

Card payment

Only those who pay 10,000 yen or more can pay with VISA, Master, JCB, and Ginrei Card.


"Clinical hours"

Please be sure to make a reservation after confirming. ☎️ 03-3234-6060

"Flow of re-examination"

① Reception Please put the medical examination ticket in the medical examination ticket holder.

② If you have an inspection, you will be given a medical record. We perform tests such as blood sampling (urine sampling).

③ Medical examination

④ If you have accounting medicine, we will issue a prescription. (Please bring it to the pharmacy.)

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