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ED outpatient

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It is an ED (erectile dysfunction) outpatient clinic with the largest prescription of sildenafil, levitra, cialis, and viagra as a clinic in Chiyoda Ward and around Hanzomon. It is also introduced in the top class on the ED specialized homepage.

Many people receive ED as a complication of diabetes, but even general patients will be prescribed directly by a doctor in the examination room.

What is a lifestyle outpatient?

It is difficult for patients who come to the outpatient department to say, "Please go to the ED outpatient department." Therefore, at our hospital, we try to express the medical treatment of ED treatment and androgenetic alopecia treatment in the form of "lifestyle outpatient".

If you apply at the reception desk of this hospital, which outpatient department would you like? When asked by the receptionist, please answer "Please give me a lifestyle". If you use this term, you can rest assured that you will not understand it even if it gets into someone else's ear.


The male doctor will prescribe it directly in the examination room, so you can protect your privacy as much as possible. No reservation is required and we will prescribe it immediately.

Medical treatment content

Initial consultation fee and re-examination fee will be charged. However, those who are out of the hospital or who have already undergone a heart test at a human dock will be revisited. The contents of medical treatment include a light interview and an electrocardiogram examination.

Erectile dysfunction improving drug at our hospital

We will prescribe 4 kinds of drugs in the hospital.

1. 1. Viagra

25mg (Not available as of 2018 due to low demand.)

50mg (in stock)

2. Levitra

10mg (Not available as of April 2018 due to low demand)

20 mg

3. 3. Cialis

10 mg

20 mg

4. Sildenafil (generic from Viagra)

50 mg

Consultation hours (male doctor)

Monday (morning, afternoon, evening)

However, from 2:00 to 3:00, it is a complete reservation outpatient department.

Tuesday (am)

Thursday (am, pm)

Friday (morning only)

Prescription at return visit

Please put the medical examination ticket in the medical examination ticket holder at the reception. After registering for the electronic medical record, you will be examined by a doctor. The days of the week with short waiting times are Monday and Friday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Congestion is expected on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Thank you for your cooperation in alleviating congestion.

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