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Outpatient Department of Psychosomatic Medicine

Doctor in charge

Consultation hours

Tokyu Hospital

Dr. Katsuto Ito


Dr. Katsuto Ito, a specialist in psychosomatic medicine, will provide medical care at the outpatient clinic on Wednesday morning (excluding the 4th Wednesday).

It is a medical treatment with a complete reservation system and health insurance.

Psychosomatic medicine outpatient schedule

It is a complete reservation system. It is a system that you can make a reservation by phone or schedule the next outpatient after outpatient treatment.

What kind of patients are you targeting?

  • depression

  • panic disorder

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Psychosomatic disorder

  • Workplace mental health activities

Patients with stress-related diseases.

For the first visit

You can make a reservation without a letter of introduction. At the time of the first visit, we secure about 30 minutes of consultation time. Please come to the hospital 10 minutes before your appointment as you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

Reservations for the second and subsequent times can be made at the end of the examination (at the examination room) or by phone.

As it is a complete reservation system , please call 03-3234-6060 in advance at the first visit.

Differentiation from other medical diseases

Blood tests, electrocardiograms, etc. will be performed as needed to distinguish them from other diseases.

It is possible to see a physician on the same day.

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Yoshihiko Suzuki is outpatient in general internal medicine. It is a convenient system if you have a medical illness and wish to distinguish it from psychosomatic medicine or to have a medical examination at the same time.

Prescription is out-of-hospital prescription

It is an out-of-hospital prescription covered by insurance. In the case of special drugs, cooperation with dispensing pharmacies is required. Please let us know if you have a family pharmacy.

Hypnotics and anxiolytics can be prescribed even in the outpatient department of internal medicine

If you have mild depression and insomnia is the only symptom, you can treat it at the outpatient department of internal medicine. Please avoid the busy Wednesday morning.

For example, if you only use sleeping pills, please make a reservation outside the diabetes outpatient department (the diabetes outpatient department and Dr. Sano's cardiovascular outpatient department are also very crowded).

Dr. Ito's outpatient department is very crowded.

Please be sure to confirm by phone when making a reservation.

The outpatient clinic of Dr. Katsuto Ito is wonderful, and it is one of the outpatient clinics where it is difficult to make reservations.

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