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Respiratory outpatient

Doctor in charge


Keio University Hospital Respiratory Medicine

Dr. Miyuki Nishie

Consultation hours


Department of Respiratory Medicine, Keio University: A doctor will treat diseases centered on respiratory diseases at the outpatient clinic on Thursday morning. For those who wish to quit smoking, there is a "non-smoking outpatient clinic".

Discovery of sleep apnea syndrome, COPD, asthma, lung cancer

In addition to the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we provide medical care that is almost the same as that of the university, such as the detection of lung cancer, asthma, and the management of sleep apnea syndrome.

Please contact us in advance before going to the clinic

X-rays taken at human docks, health examinations, etc. are organized and stored so that they can be compared and examined immediately even on the day of the event. If you would like to have a re-examination, please contact us in advance and we will prepare for immediate comparison in the outpatient department.

For the first visit

You can get a medical examination without a letter of referral. If you have a history of going to another hospital, it is helpful to receive a letter of introduction when formulating a medical treatment policy.

Please call 03-3234-6060 in advance as it may take some time for your first visit.

For return visits

A chest X-ray can be taken immediately during the respiratory outpatient period. If it is a re-examination such as a medical examination, it is possible to take a picture in advance and receive an explanation only for the result at the outpatient department.

The results of sputum cytology will be explained in the respiratory outpatient department about 10 days later.

What kind of patients need outpatient visits?

  • If you are worried about lung cancer or pneumonia

  • Those who have symptoms such as "dyspnea, asthma, shortness of breath, continuous coughing and sputum, anxiety about stopping breathing at night, sleepiness in the daytime"

  • If an abnormality is found in the chest X-ray at the dock or medical examination

  • When the lung function test is abnormal at the dock etc.

  • Heavy smokers at high risk of lung cancer

  • When many relatives have lung cancer

  • If you wish to continue treatment for sleep apnea syndrome

  • If you want to receive smoking cessation guidance

  • If you are worried about lung infections such as tuberculosis

  • If you want to receive a pneumococcal preventive vaccine (own expense)

Prescription is out-of-hospital prescription

The drug for treatment is an out-of-hospital prescription. If it is a special drug, it is necessary to cooperate with the dispensing pharmacy. Please tell us your pharmacy.

Treatment of asthma

Asthma patients can be treated at our hospital if they are in a stable condition rather than in the acute phase of seizures. If you are in an acute phase and need to be hospitalized or infused, we recommend that you be admitted to a partner hospital.

When lung cancer or other cancer (mediastinal tumor) is suspected

  • If you are suspected of having lung cancer or other respiratory diseases (pneumonia, tumor, tuberculosis, etc.) and need a lung CT examination, we will refer you to an examination at a designated medical institution. The result will be explained by the doctor in charge.

  • If you suspect lung cancer, you can look for cancer cells in your sputum. At our hospital, we perform sputum cytology. The method is to collect sputum for 3 days and check for the presence of cancer cells.

  • It is possible to test for tumor markers that need to be differentiated for lung cancer. (Sifra, CEA, ProGRP, etc.)

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