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Is it an easy clinic to visit?

In Japan, it seems that there are still many cases in Japan where when you want to see a diabetologist or receive treatment, you have to wait for hours because the medical facility system is inefficient, and you can meet and talk with the doctor for a few minutes. ..

At HDC Atlas Clinic, we will review the old Japanese system, shorten the waiting time, increase the time to talk with doctors, use time efficiently for both patients and doctors, and treat with high medical level. We will propose a method.

In that case, the most important thing is the idea of ​​"securing contact time."

It is well known that the longer the patient-doctor contact time, the better the glycemic control in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Therefore, at our hospital, we used waiting time to allow patients to check their blood pressure, HbA1c, and blood glucose level immediately after blood collection. By the time the patient is called to the doctor's office, the patient knows his or her current situation, so when talking to the doctor after meeting with the doctor, he or she can simply consult with the doctor about what the patient has organized. Or, nurses with diabetes educator qualifications will be able to give patients a deeper level of advice.

These small ingenuities have significantly changed the clinic's consultation style, and we are able to provide a system with a high level of medical care and easy consultation.

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