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Non-smoking outpatient

Doctor in charge

Department of Respiratory Medicine Dr. Miyuki Nishie

Consultation hours

What is a non-smoking outpatient department?

For those who wish to quit smoking, a respiratory physician will give guidance and treatment on Thursday morning. At our hospital, there are cases where smoking cessation is successful not only in outpatient clinics but also in human docks. We hope that more people will be able to quit smoking. If you smoke again, please do not give up and consult us. You should try again and again.

If insurance is applicable

If you are willing to quit smoking (signing an affidavit).

Being diagnosed with nicotine addiction on a screening test.

Brinkman index is 200 or more (number of cigarettes smoked x years).

Patients who meet all of these are eligible.

What is a screening test?

After receiving 10 questions, 5 points or more will be judged as positive. This questionnaire will be kept as a record of the medical record.

For details, please refer to the website of the Japanese Society for Quit Smoking.

The practice of treatment

For details, see "Standard procedure for smoking cessation treatment ."

At our hospital, you can get the support of a doctor who has abundant smoking cessation guidance.

Follow the 12-week program to quit smoking successfully. It is necessary to visit the hospital 5 times in 12 weeks. If you do not go to the hospital 5 times, it will be considered as discontinuation of treatment. Even if you succeed in quitting smoking earlier than 12 weeks, you will need to go to the hospital to follow up to see if you can continue to quit smoking. Guidance and prescriptions after 12 weeks are not covered by insurance and will be treated at your own expense.

Even if you smoke again after that, the insurance will be applied if one year has passed since the first time. Please contact us without giving up.

Patch (Nicotinel)

A patch that absorbs nicotine through the skin

Use from the day you start smoking cessation, apply one sheet to your skin every day for a period of 8 weeks, and switch from the larger size to the smaller size.


It is easy to use and suppresses withdrawal symptoms. It is possible to maintain a stable blood concentration.


It cannot be used for those who are undergoing treatment for cardiovascular disease / cerebrovascular disease, those who have a history of it, or pregnant / lactating women.

Hyperhidrosis is difficult to use for people who play sports, and there are cases of skin symptoms.

Oral medicine (Champix)

It is a nicotine-free drug

Start taking 1 week before you start smoking cessation and take for 12 weeks.


It can also be used by those who are undergoing treatment for cardiovascular disease / cerebrovascular disease or who have a history of it.

Not only withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking, but also the satisfaction of smoking is suppressed.


Do not operate dangerous machinery such as driving a car as it may cause dizziness and drowsiness.

If you complain of nausea or a different dream, consult with us and increase or decrease the dose as appropriate.

It is difficult to deal with a sudden desire to smoke.


First of all, 5 visits in 12 weeks are mandatory. Patients who cannot go to the hospital on the way will not be covered by insurance, so be careful if you inadvertently forget to go to the hospital or extend your visit for your own convenience.

As a general rule, even if there are some deviations, it is necessary to observe 5 visits within 12 weeks.

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