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Thyroid outpatient

Doctor in charge

Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokuso Hospital

Professor Naoya Emoto Doctor

Consultation hours

In the city center, a valuable endocrine outpatient clinic

I tend to go to a university hospital because I think endocrine is a difficult disease. However, in the chronic phase, it is possible to follow up sufficiently at a clinic with specialists.

Treatment of thyroid disease and cooperation between medical examinations

For those who have been on medication for a long time and are stable, it is the best outpatient clinic in terms of speedy, low waiting time, and university-level medical care. If you suspect thyroid cancer, we will cooperate with Ito Hospital, Kanaji Hospital, Tokyo Women's Medical University, etc. to quickly diagnose cytology.

What kind of thyroid patients are you targeting?

If you are worried about your thyroid gland. Those who have one of the following symptoms of unknown cause.

  1. Skinny, diarrhea, sweating, palpitation, hyperactivity, shaking hands, swelling of legs, weakness, weight gain, decreased activity, constipation, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, unexplained hypertension, diabetes, causes Unknown electrolyte abnormalities, etc.

  2. When an abnormality is found in the thyroid gland by ultrasonography such as a human dock

  3. When thyroid autoantibodies (microsome antibody, thyroglobulin antibody) are positive in human docks, etc.

  4. If you have unexplained hypocalcemia, hypercalcemia, or hyponatremia

  5. When abnormalities are found by palpation of the thyroid gland at a human dock, etc.

  6. If you feel pain in your throat

Endocrine test

It is mainly judged by a blood test. For the thyroid gland, blood tests are performed regularly as a set item.

Diabetes tests are okay

Dr. Emoto is in charge of the thyroid outpatient department, endocrinology outpatient department, and diabetes outpatient department at Chiba Kita General Hospital. We have 3 diabetes educators at our hospital. The entire staff will support diabetics.

Prescription is out-of-hospital prescription

Drugs for the treatment of thyroid and endocrine disorders are out-of-hospital prescriptions. If it is a special drug, it is necessary to cooperate with the dispensing pharmacy. Please tell us your pharmacy.

If thyroid cancer or other cancer is suspected

If you suspect that you have thyroid cancer and need a thyroid biopsy, Dr. Emoto will introduce you to a designated medical institution. Dr. Emoto will explain the results. If other endocrine diseases are suspected, we will make a judgment by performing CT examination at a partner organization and abdominal ultrasonography at our hospital.

Tips for going to the hospital

If you live in the neighborhood or have good train access to Hanzomon Station, we recommend that you collect blood one week in advance if possible. If blood has been collected, the prescription amount can be adjusted by simply listening to the results at the outpatient examination, and the treatment policy can be quickly established. If you live far away, please consult with Dr. Emoto directly regarding the timing of blood sampling.

For the first visit

You can get a medical examination without a letter of referral. If you have a history of going to another hospital, it is helpful to receive a letter of introduction when formulating a medical treatment policy. Please call 03-3234-6060 in advance as it may take some time for your first visit.

For return visits

The interval between visits varies depending on the severity. Endocrine tests are outsourced to SRL, so it may take at least 3 days for results to be available. Ultrasonography is possible at any time if Dr. Emoto deems it necessary. Please contact us.

Treatment of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is caused by abnormal bone and calcium metabolism. Bone and calcium metabolism are endocrinologically controlled and are managed by endocrinologists and metabolism specialists in the United States. Bone density test and urinary NTX test are also available at this hospital. Dr. Emoto will administer the necessary medication while following those indicators.

Treatment of ED

Endocrine diseases (diabetes, etc.) and hypertension are likely to be complicated by ED, so we also treat ED. Male doctors (Dr. Emoto, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Sano, Dr. Matsuhashi) prescribe medications such as Viagra and Levitra directly in the examination room, so you can receive treatment while protecting your privacy.

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